Black textured dial, stainless steel strap, imported movement, chronograph date table, business versatile watch
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ARLES LEATHER ROSE GOLD With Exquisite Stainless Steel Bracelet

The ARLES COLLECTION is the ultimate dress watch that is elegant and tough. Get all the design features, and chronograph functionality of high-end luxury watches in a fraction of a price with Burei watches. Plus, its metal casing features personal text customization, engraving initials as you desire.
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3. Each user has a two-year warranty

4. We provide 7 * 24 hours of after-sale service

  • Description


    日本精工时计/ M石英机芯-这款表具有非常精确的日本精工时计石英机芯。它还具有日期功能和三个用作计时器的计时日规。





    阿尔勒皮革银质手表    皮革皮革玫瑰金    ARLES LADY黑色皮革手表

    ARLES LADY黑色皮革手表    皮革皮革玫瑰金    阿尔勒皮革银质手表

    阿尔勒皮革银质手表    皮革皮革玫瑰金    ARLES LADY黑色皮革手表